This site is full of thoughts, advice, tips and information about the ageing process and how to look younger healthily. It is intended to be a positive site that embraces the concept of age even while trying to deny it. I believe we owe it to ourselves to look after our health and continue to strive to be the best ‘me’ we can be.

I am that ‘certain age’ who likes to think I look younger than I really am which is always questionable but I can dream. More importantly, I do want to live an active and healthy old age and whilst I cannot prevent all ills from befalling me I do feel I owe it to myself and my loved ones to be as proactive as I can.

All articles are written by me and are researched as carefully as possible. However they do also contain my opinions and are intended to stimulate discussions. You will find articles under the following categories:

- Anti-ageing articles about the ageing process and scientific advancements
- Exercise articles about how exercise must be adapted as we age
- Health articles about how to eat healthily and some common ailments
- Mind articles about the important of keeping mentally active
- Beauty articles, the girly page
- Books you may find interesting and would like to buy

Over time I will introduce new and varied topics. I hope you find some interesting reading and some useful information.

Please be patient as it takes a while for the site to grow. I welcome your contributions.



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