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good posture

Demonstrating perfect posture

Have you ever wondered why some people just look older than others? I have and often it is as simple as their posture. When you slump and slouch you instantly look older. Watch someone walking down the road with a straight back and head held high and they look confident AND younger. Someone of the same age with rounded shoulders and hunched back is not only going to cause themselves backache and pain but also look older. Over time an ugly little hump of fat can develop to protect the spine at the base of the neck. You may notice this on many older people now I have pointed it out to you. (Note this is not the same as ‘Dowagers Hump’ which occurs between the shoulder blades and is caused by osteoporosis). Never underestimate the power of a simple adjustment to your posture in shedding years from your age.

So what is a perfect posture? The little fella on the right here demonstrates it well and will surely never suffer from backache!

Tips for good posture start with:

• Align your body so that your ears are lined up with your shoulders
• Make sure your shoulders are aligned with your hips and hips.
• Tuck your chin in, keep your shoulder blades back and your chest forward.
• Squeeze your tummy muscles tight and tuck it in

S shaped spine for good posture

'S' shape of the human spine

This will position your spine in an ‘S’ shape which is the correct position to relieve tension and put the minimum of stress and strain on the joints, ligaments and muscles responsible for good posture.

When you first try this you feel as though you are sticking your chest out as we have become so used to our rounded shoulders. If you can see yourself sideways in a mirror you will realise that you are actually simply standing up straight. It is important to realise that many muscles help to keep good posture including the tummy muscles, our buttocks and lower back muscles – the spinal erectors. Exercising and stretching all these muscles is important for your postural health. In a future post we will look in more detail at specific exercises to retain flexibility as we age and also improve our strength.

Once your posture improves you may also find the unexpected benefits such as:

• Less back ache
• Better fitting clothes
• Fewer headaches and neck pain
• Better nights sleep

You will find the video below from Dr Paula Moore (The Chiropractor) very helpful with a simple exercise to start correcting your posture now.

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