Seven things you should NOT do to look and feel younger

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look younger than your age

Looking younger than her age

Have you ever really thought about what makes some people look older than their true age? I believe there are seven things that will age you and more importantly are relatively easy to fix.

• Long hair typically does not suit the older, mature face and even worse is long, gray hair especially if it looks neglected. A good cut is essential along with cleanliness and a flattering colour. Mature faces need framing with full, bouncy hair cuts to lift and flatter.

• Yellow teeth are particularly aging as young people haven’t yet drunk enough tea, coffee and red wine to discolour their teeth. Invest in some teeth whitening and you will be amazed how different you look and feel. Along with whiter teeth are of course clean, healthy teeth and gums. Regular cleaning and trips to the dentist are essential to keep your teeth long past their original use by date.

• Hunched or rounded shoulders immediately makes you look weary and depressed. You cannot have a confident spring in your step with a slouch not to mention the inevitable backache that will result from bad posture. See my post on posture here.

• Hair again but this time the facial variety. Unfortunately the drop in oestrogen for mature women triggers an increase in facial hair. There are many solutions available from waxing to electrolysis but in spite of most beauty therapists saying you should not pluck them out with tweezers as it will encourage their growth, a quick tidy up with a pair of tweezers does no harm. See my post on the curse of facial hair here.

• Wear clothes appropriate for your age and in tune with current fashion. Don’t wear clothes your granny would be proud of but neither wear your teenage daughter’s clothes. My pet hate for older women is skin tight leggings that shown every lump and bump or clothes that are just too tight. Wear well fitting clothes that don’t make you look like you have just managed to squeeze into them. Always make sure you clothes are clean, fresh and ironed.

• Look after your feet by regularly pampering them with a foot spa and a manicure. Nothing looks more aging than badly cared for feet with cracked heels and neglected nails. A soak in a bowl of warm water will work wonders followed by hard skin removal, nail clipping and filing and lots of moisturiser on your feet. Pay particular attention to the heels and areas where hard skin accumulates.

• Hair again but this time your eyebrows. Trim and tweeze bushy eyebrows into a nice shape but do not overdo it – long thin eyebrows are not attractive. We lose some of our eyebrows as we age so for some of us it may be more a case of adding and enhancing what brows we have left after over plucking as youngsters. A simple eyebrow pencil will enhance your eye brows at very little cost.

Future posts will go into these seven topics in more depth but I hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts.

What do you think is the most aging thing we can do or not do?

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