Does age really matter?

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Oh No! wrinkles!

Does age really matter?

Isn’t it funny how when we are young we are always trying to be older. I remember announcing proudly to anyone who asked my age ‘I’m 12 and 3/4 ‘. I was desperate to get that magic ‘teen’ in my age as I was convinced that all teenagers belonged to some really cool club and my life would change completely once I was a teenager. Sadly it didn’t and my next goal was to reach the magic age of ‘21’ and feel like a real grown-up. I reached 21 and still didn’t feel very grown up. Then 30 came along pretty much unannounced and I still had no qualms in revealing my age to anyone who asked. But then came 40 and I started getting a bit cagey especially on the downhill side. Then came 50 and I insisted my husband and I celebrate it quietly with no big fanfare. I rather want 60 to come and go unnoticed by all including me. I expect that it won’t be until I’m 80 that I proudly announce my age once again as I have often heard the elderly the announce with pride ‘ I’m 84 you know’ .

My chronological age does not matter one jot really. Logic dictates that I should not mind telling people my age, after all, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all grow older every year. So why the reluctance to reveal it?

Thinking about it, I believe the reason for me is that our society does not value the elderly as in other societies and so we dread being put out to pasture and deemed irrelevant. Do our opinions matter less? Is our brainpower less? Is our experience of little value? I believe the answer is a resounding ’No’ yet many of us feel that we become less important in younger people’s eyes and so we strive to look younger.

We all know or know of many older people who have hugely contributing and relevant lives, people who have earned their wisdom through experience and have a great deal to offer. Yet I still feel I need to try and look younger than I am. Maybe it all boils down to my vanity in the end? After all whilst wrinkles may add character to a face its hard to feel more attractive with wrinkles than without. Many men and women embrace their age and don’t feel any need to hide it and yet secretly, they too, wish to look younger. By revealing their age they want people to say ‘Hey, I’d never have guessed’. Others will not care a jot either way.

At the end of the day we should treat age like a dress size – who cares whether it is a 10 or a 16 – as long as it fits, looks good and flatters you, cut off the label and forget it.

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